Hi my name is Loretta.  And I’d like to introduce you to the Bible Blast podcast and tell you a little bit about it.  The Bible Blast is a powerful series of short, yet dynamic daily devotionals that will take you on a journey from Genesis to Revelation, encouraging and inspiring you to grow in God’s Word everyday.  Now, how it came about was through my own frustration as a born again, Bible believing, Spirit-filled Christian.  I just couldn’t seem to be consistent with my daily quiet times with the Lord no matter how hard I tried.  I truly wanted to feed on the Word daily, but it seemed the more persistent I was to have an appointment with my King, the more driven to distraction I was.  

But it wasn’t until I found Ray Comfort of Living Waters “Comfort of the Scripture Bible Reading Plan” that would only take about 12 minutes to read or listen to the assigned Scriptures, then coupled it with my own determination to produce an 8 minute audio each and everyday for close friends and family.  My motivation was two-fold:  1. We had two daughters that were moving out of the house and I still wanted to be a godly influence in their daily lives.  Then there was my dear friend Fred who was in his 50’s who had a sudden massive stroke causing him to be unable to barely move or communicate (something I took for granted).  Fred who became a new believer in Christ around his tenth month of his hospital stay, was unable to read his Bible or go to church.  And that’s when the Lord put that fire and that passion in me to bring church to Fred.  

Well, in doing these daily audio devotional I soon realized what a monumental task I took on.  And that’s when God so graciously recruited five more of my friends, all of them my fellow flight attendant co-workers at the airlines, and 3 of the 5 in my small group or bible study called “WINGS” (Women IN God’s Service).  Being better together and in through the inspiration and under the power of the Holy Spirit we completed a full year of Bible Blast audios.

I think the best part of the Bible Blasts is that they’re bite-sized audios that don’t take too much time and you can listen to them anywhere and pretty much anytime, whether you’re commuting to work, on your lunch break, running errands or running a 5k, washing dishes or doing yard work.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t multi-task?  And who doesn’t want to have a “blast?”  And what better way then in a daily podcast.  The Bible Blast, the blast that will last for eternity.  

So come join us everyday as we journey through the Bible that will encourage you to know the whole counsel of God, strengthen your faith, and inspire you to reach others with the life changing, glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!